I am human before I a journalist after all

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The top rear is where a single 140mm exhaust fan is located, and up top is where a radiator up to 360mm can be mounted. I really liking this because cases that support 360mm radiators aren the easiest to find. I had to modify my own personal full tower case to accept a radiator of this size..

Vast majority of BPY retail assets fall within this bucket, and we believe that management continued investment into retail should ultimately generate superior returns. Traded up 0.63 per cent to $25.50, surpassing CIBC target price of $25 per share, but there might be more upside.employs relatively more debt within its capital stack than the average Canadian REIT, but we believe that a number of factors serve to mitigate the company financial risk. Even so, we note that heightened leverage increases NAV sensitivity to changes in cap rates (only concerning should cap rates move higher), CIBC said.

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